Paint Shop

The paint shop is the next stop within the production process, in terms of which a car body goes through various surface treatments and obtains its final colour, In the pre-treatment and electrochemical coating processes a unique 360? rotation-dipping system is used, which ensures that the protection substance reaches the most inaccessible parts of the body.

  • Production hall with three floors and the air-handling system.
  • The total length of the conveyor system, on which a body passes through individual phases of the production process including buffer zones, is 7.5 km.
  • A total of 48 robots participate in the sealer and paint application.
  • Mainly water-borne paints are used in the paint shop.
  • 12 different colours for the Kia cee'd model, 10 for Kia Sportage and 10 for Kia Venga.