Plant Tour

The production strategy is based on three cornerstones, which are quality, flexibility and productivity. Through these three pillars, we aimed at achieving the highest customer satisfaction and competitive production.

At the plant we utilize the state-of-the-art technologies and more than 410 robots for production. By utilizing adaptable devices and automated production lines, we attain high flexibility enabling us to adapt the production process according to customers’ needs. When producing at full capacity, the plant will manufacture 300,000 cars a year, which represents up to 100 units per one employee. This is one of the highest levels of productivity in the automotive industry.

Production plan

The first model rolling off the production lines will be the all-new Kia cee’d, 5-door version, marketed exclusively in Europe. In June 2007, production of the popular Sportage SUV started. The production of the cee’d station wagon began in June 2007 and the production of the 3-door cee’d was launched in October 2007.