Environmental policy of Kia Motors Slovakia
Kia Motors Slovakia is aware of its environment responsibility. Interest in environmental protection is a forming part of our corporate activities as well as our participation in ensuring the sustainable development of our corporation.

Environmental policy of Kia Motors Slovakia rises from following principles:

  1. We recognize the environment as a core value of Kia Motors Slovakia.
  2. We promote the economic development whilst preserving the environment.
  3. We respect the present and future value of the environment.  
  4. We apply the principle of continuous improvement in the environment protection.
  5. We realize our business activities in the compliance with valid environmental legislative and other responsibilities, which we committed to observe.
  6. During operation of the production processes we emphasize the preventive measures to reduce their environmental impact.
  7. We make every effort to develop and operate eco-friendly production technologies in order to effectively use the natural resources as well as raw materials.
  8. We monitor and review our environmental performance, environmental objectives and targets on a regular basis in order to continuously improve our environmental behavior.
  9. We ensure the education and training of all our employees in environmental issues and the environmental impact of their activities in order to increase their environmental awareness.

Environmental policy of Kia Motors Slovakia is valid for all employees and suppliers to follow the principles.       

President & CEO Kia Motors Slovakia