Safety at Work

Health and safety of employees is one of the company’s most important core value.

Company is confident that in addition to employee´s social it helps to improve safety at work and also working conditions and to enhance productivity and work quality. For this purpose KMS is placing emphasis on safety and health system at work. It consists from activities in accordance with legislation, placing particular emphasis on preventive measures, regular assessment of safety performance and involvement of employees into the system. Employees are encouraged during the year to safe behavior at the workplaces. Safety awareness is increased by campaigns and various publications. Many of the production technologies are the most advanced on the market also regarding of the safety.

Permanent improvement of safety at the workplaces is declared by implemented OSH management system in according to international recognized standard OHSAS 18001:2009.

Solicitude for the health and safety of employees is priority for company therefore one of the company goals is to become the global market leader with zero injuries at work.

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Politika BOZP / OHS