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The main press parts are already in the plant


The main press parts have been delivered to the Kia Motors Slovakia plant

On December 23, the main press was delivered to our plant. The press will manufacture body panels for cars and its capacity is 5,400 tons. It will be divided i nto 4 production stations. The head station’s capacity will be 2,400 tons and other 3 stations will have capacity of 1,000 tons each. The press was produced by Rotem Co., a member of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group.

The press and related equipment was loaded onto a charter bulk vessel in the Korean port Masan in October. The charter vessel sailed for the Romanian port Constanza through the Suez channel for 1 month. In Constanza, the cargo was reloaded into 5 river barges in November. Barges delivered the press parts by the river Danube to Komarno port in Slovakia. A majority of press parts was loaded onto trains and trucks. Oversized pieces were transported to Bratislava port in river barges, where they were reloaded onto special heavy truck semi-trailers and delivered to our plant.

The cargo consisted of 300 packages with total weight of around 3,500 tons. The total distance of transportation between the Korean port and the Kia plant was around 18,000 km.