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Kia supports Zilina region


Kia was the major sponsor of the greatest cultural event in the Zilina region already for the third time

Kia Motors Slovakia is a Slovak company and wants to be recognized as a respectable and responsible citizen in the community it lives in. In addition to participating in the economic development of the Zilina region and Slovakia, Kia also wants to be an active partner in supporting the development of cultural and social life.

As a citizen of Zilina City, our company supported the greatest cultural event in the Zilina region, the XII. Old City Zilina Festival, for the third time in a row, which was held on June 1-3, 2006. Every year, in addition to folk craftsmen and various dance bands, well-known people from the pop music and folklore from Slovakia or foreign countries are presented at this event. This year, singers and bands such as Chris Norman, Zdob Shi Zdub, IMT Smile, Peter Lipa, Desmod, Vidiek and Zuzana Smatanova performed in two squares in Zilina. You could see them on the stage thanks to Kia Motors Slovakia as well, which was the major sponsor of the entire event.

Kia supports young talent

Kia Motors Slovakia also wants to support talented children and youth dedicated to the music. With a view to meet this aim, Kia supported financially an original event, which took place in Rajecke Teplice on June 14-15, 2006 and was organised for Slovak accordion players attending music schools and conservatories. That was the Accordion festival 2006 called „Euro Musette – Golden Tango“, which is devoted to Michael Ganian in memoriam and in terms of which 145 children and young accordion players competed in playing accordion in seven categories. Thanks to participation in this project, Kia contributed to boosting the interest of children in playing the accordion.