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Kia helps handicapped children


Kia Motors Slovakia financially supported a project of the Miroslav Satan Foundation

A charity soccer match took place in the city of Zlate Moravce on June 24, 2006, turning this place for the capital of Slovakia in soccer. During the match, famous people were playing and visitors could relax and enjoy cultural progamme, tombola and ask for authographs. In addition to the Miroslav Satan Foundation, the benefit event was also supported by the Dorothy Kanth Fund and the Project for surrogate families Everybody is at home. The team of Miroslav Satan Foundation and the team of diplomats working in Slovakia competed in the soccer game.

This charity event was organized under the patronage of the former Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Family Iveta Radicova and it brought finances programs for handicapped children for several years. At the event, organizers managed to distribute a total of SKK 240,000 and plentiful gifts for children. We are pleased that Kia Motors Slovakia could also support this happily family event financially and thus help children who need it the most.