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Kia joins the Top 5 group of the best selling cars in Slovakia


Kia sales in April hit the record 6.4% market share in Slovakia

Kia has joined the Top 5 group of the best selling cars in Slovakia. In April, Kia sales hit the record 6.4% market share, which placed the Kia brand in the fifth place in regard to the number of sold vehicles. A total of 430 cars sold in one month brought the brand to the top chart in the automotive market in Slovakia.

The most successful model of the Kia brand in Slovakia is its domestic product Kia cee’d. During April 2007, 266 cee’d units were sold, which ensured historical victory for this model in its segment. This success is even more important due to fact that the position of a C-segment leader had not been changed for a long time and the breakthrough in this segment was only brought on by the cee’d. April 2007 was an exceptional month for the cee’d for another reason as well. Kia recorded the highest cee’d sales for one month in its short history of selling in Slovakia.