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Kia Kee – Sports Coupe Concept


The World Premiere of the all-new Kia Kee sports coupe concept at the Frankfurt International Motor Show in Germany last week was a landmark moment in the Kia Motor Corporation’s evolution into a major global automotive company.

Kia’s Frankfurt-based design team, headed by Gregory Guillaume, set out to make Kee a landmark car in Kia’s history. It is no coincidence that its name plays on the word ‘key’ because that is how essential Kee is to the future of Kia. Kee also acknowledges the Chinese and Korean word  ‘Ki‘ - the cultural concept for life-force or spiritual energy.

This car stands as a clear indication of Kia’s design philosophy, an indication of how Kia wishes to be viewed – exciting, appealing, creative, aspirational, with products that are beautiful and yet functional, purposeful and realistic. It is both the present and the future – something that could be built now or in the future. It will influence every Kia to come.

Kia Kee features the strong and powerful frontal design, a dynamic profile and 20-inch diameter alloy wheels. Measuring 4,324 mm long, the Kia Kee is powered by a ‘next generation’ 2-litre, V-6 gasoline engine producing 200 ps, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission.

The future for Kia products lies in balance, clarity and purpose, and Kee, our latest show car embodies that philosophy.