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Another Successful Sportsman Among Us


Bodybuilding is not only a sport, for some people it also becomes a lifestyle. Today, we will introduce our college Richard Chromik who, as a future psychotherapist, has dedicated himself to bodybuilding for the last ten years.

Richard Chromik has worked as a member of the Internal Security team at our company for over a year and can be regularly seen at the entrance gate of our plant. Only a while ago, he celebrated his 27th birthday and he writes Bachelor in front of his name, which he gained at the Matej Bel Univerzity in Banska Bystrica. His ambitions, however, reach farther as he continues his studies at the J.A. Komensky Academy of Education in Prague. He has the best memories of Czech Republic, where he actually acquired the title “2006 Champion of Czech Republic” in natural bodybuilding. In the same year, Richard came second at the Grand Prix in Banska Bystrica in his category - Men over 180 cm - and third at the Slovak Championship in Kosice. Richard got introduced to bodybuilding through his father, who directed his attention at this demanding sports discipline in his free time.

In the beginning, Richard managed to divide his time between football and karate but in the past ten years, he only dedicated himself to bodybuilding. This has become his lifestyle that has influenced his whole life, his free time; it also sets his eating habits and picks his friends. As he claims himself, due to this sport, he has met many great people who share his view of the world. He dislikes doping and anabolic steroids, and he decided to exclusively apply himself in natural bodybuilding, which he considers to be “cleaner” that sport bodybuilding. “In natural bodybuilding, the competitors still use various dietary supplements but these are on natural base,“ added Richard.

In spite of the fact that due to work, studies and his hobbies, Richard does not have any free time to give away, he gives a balanced impression which predetermines him to fulfill his dream to become a psychotherapist, who will help heal the aching souls. Together with his colleagues and his superior Milos Ondrus, we wish him a successful accomplishment of his goal.