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The Valentine’s Drop Of Blood


For the second time, our company decided to support the idea of voluntary blood donation.

On Monday, February 11, 2008, our main canteen changed into a small blood transfusion station for three hours, which worked at full capacity. Under supervision of the Head of the National Blood Transfusion Service in Zilina, MUDR. Maria Laurincova, 33 of our employees joined this event. 20 men and 13 women contributed to the blood bank of the Zilina hospital with more than 13 liters of blood. Eight of them donated blood for the first time.

We asked Stanka Grozdanoffova about her feelings: “I donated blood for the second time. I think this is a very good idea that should be repeated more often. I am glad that employees of the transfusion station came all the way here, so I did not lay aside my decision. It also helps to overcome my fear when I am in presence of familiar people.

This event is highly successful, therefore we definitely plan to organize the voluntary blood donation again in the future.