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Kia SOUL concepts and eco_cee’d duo star in Geneva


From March 4 till March 16 2008, Geneva was the automobile centre as the prestigious 78th international exposition opened its doors.Besides the eco_cee’d concept, model pro_ cee’d and the latest version of Kia Picanto, Kia has also uncovered its three SOUL concepts, which will make their World Premiere at the Paris Show in September.

Kia SOUL Diva

The Kia SOUL Diva has been created for a style-conscious young-at-heart woman who regards her car to be as important as her entire outfit. Inside, SOUL Diva presents a black, white and gold world of leather and glitter – all beautifully and evenly lit by the full-length tinted glass panoramic roof. Upholstered seats in glossy black imitation leather together with black carpet turn the cabin into a stylish lounge.




Kia SOUL Burner

The Kia SOUL Burner is the ‘bad boy’ of Kia’s three new concept characters. A ‘show-off’ complete with dragon tattoos. From the outside, it is a mean, totally black beast with sparse flashes of scarlet. The tattoos are glossy black on the black satin paintwork, which shows a large dragon creeping over the bonnet. The front bumper is equipped with L-shaped day-light LED driving lamps around the outer edges.  At the rear, two vertical exhaust pipes are placed at the extremes of the bumper. Inside SOUL Burner, the four individual sports seats and entire cabin trim are divided horizontally.  Above the split, everything is finished in a rich matt red, below all is deep black. 

Kia SOUL Searcher

The Kia SOUL Searcher is the concept that provides a haven of tranquility within the urban jungle, a comfort-zone on four wheels. It sets out to capture the spirit of Korean and Far Eastern culture with a focus on achieving personal inner peace. The muted colours and the soft textures show the evidence of it. The leather interior in an old style, and the ground and the seats in grey colours create the calm atmosphere and leave the busy life behind the door.