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Kia Official Match Ball Carrier


In January 2008, Kia Motors announced “Official Match Ball Carrier” competition for young football enthusiasts aged from 12 to 14 years whose dream is to enter the pitch and be a part of the match.

This competition had attracted more than 500,000 applicants across Europe and 31 winning young fans from the qualified countries of EURO 2008 were chosen. Official Match Ball Carrier will deliver the official match ball to the referee in the pitch centre circle immediately before the kick-off. 

Even though, Slovakia is not a qualified country of EURO, we, as the second home of Kia, also had our representative in the championship. A 13-year old football talent Kristian Hirka from Presov ran out to the football pitch. His football premiere in the European Championship took place on June 12 in Klagenfurt, Austria. The 11th football duel between Croatia and Germany was kicked off by young Kristian.

“I am very pleased that I have been chosen by Kia Motors to represent Slovakia in the European Championship. It was be an unforgettable experience,” said Kristian Hirka, Slovak representative of Kia Official Match Ball Carrier.