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Dynamic Kia Sportage 2009 Will Increase The Driving Experience


A new facelift of Kia Sportage model for the year 2009 has been already sold in Slovakia as well as in Europe.

Apart from design changes and technical improvements, Kia Sportage has not changed any of its customer benefits such as 7-year/150,000 km warranty and an excellent price. These attributes should further ensure the position of Kia Sportage as the most selling model in the segment of sport utility vehicles in Slovakia during the first six months of 2008.

New Kia Sportage 2009 design
Sport utility vehicle Kia Sportage 2009 features an interesting refreshed exterior as well as interior design changes. Modern and aggressive look of a restyled front grille with a sport facelift gives the car a new shape. Rounded lines have been replaced by more modern and fresher lines, and the new vehicle seems to be more dynamic and massive. Design changes will give pleasure to the driver and also the passengers who will definitely appreciate the high quality materials and fair-sized interior variability.

Technical improvements and innovations
Besides design changes, new Kia Sportage 2009 also offers a lot of technical improvements. The version of 2.0L diesel egine has increased the power by 10 hp up to 150 hp at 3,800 revolutions. Central fascia is enhanced by high-powered audio equipment plus an AUX/USB port and iPod connectivity assembled for all trim levels. All models are equipped with a double exhaust pipe. While driving, the sophisticated electronic system, which controls the system of 4x4 or 4x2 drive, is fully in function. There are three engine models with two trim levels. Customers have the possibility to choose from a more varied colour offer of the interior, whereby the colour scale of the car body did not change. A range of two solid colours and eight metallic ones is at disposal.