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Kia Motors posts 24.1% increase in July global sales


• 122,230 Kia vehicles sold globally in July
• Sales in China, Korea, General Markets, Europe and North America post year-on-year sales growth of 114.1%, 37.5%, 37.3%, 8.4%, 6.2%, respectively
• Cumulative sales reach 839,384, an increase of 16.9% year-on-year

Kia Motors Corporation announced today that its global sales (export sales, domestic sales and sales from overseas plants) of passenger cars, recreation vehicles (RVs) and commercial vehicles in July 2008 recorded 122,230, representing a 24.1% year-on-year increase.

By region, Kia posted large, year-on-year sales increases in China (11,110 units, a 114.1% year-on-year increase), Korea (27,514 units, a 37.5% year-on-year increase) and general markets (22,973 units, a 37.3% year-on-year increase).  Sales increases were also significant in Europe and North America where 28,670 (8.4% year-on-year increase) and 31,963 (6.2% year-on-year increase) Kia vehicles were sold in July, respectively.

Cumulatively, through the first seven months of 2008, Kia’s global sales increased by 16.9% year-on-year and reached 839,384 units. China (90,863 units sold) and general markets (142,402 units sold) have experienced the largest gains of 42.7%, and 33.3%, respectively. Cumulative year-on-year sales increases have also been experienced in all other sales regions: Korea (18.2% gain with 181,544 units sold); Europe (12.4% gain with 216,332 units sold); and North America (3.5% gain with 208,243 units sold).

So far in 2008, Kia’s best selling model in overseas markets has been the C-segment Cerato (known as ‘Spectra’ in some markets) with 124,058 units sold.   It is followed by a close group of three vehicles: the B-segment Rio at 94,340, the C-segment cee’d at 91,857 and Kia’s Sportage compact SUV at 87,547.  Meanwhile the A-segment Picanto continues to perform well with 61,498 units sold.  

Hyoung-Keun Lee, Senior Executive Vice President, International Business Division, said, “As we enter the second half of 2008, we continue to experience strong sales growth across all markets, and we have achieved consistently high and significant year-on-year gains in China and general markets in particular. These results represent great performance by our sales team, especially given the difficult industry environment.”