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Kia Borrego FCEV – Fuel Cell Studies


Kia Motors intensively works on power development of fuel cells. From November 21 until November 30, 2008, it introduced its new study of Borrego FCEV with fuel cell power at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

The latest generation of the fuel cell power in Kia Borrego FCEV ensures output of 154 ps which increased by additional 47 ps to produce a peak output compared to the previous generation. A new 450-volt super capacitor gives the Borrego FCEV higher performance, a greatly extended driving range and cold-weather star-up capability to operate in sub-zero temperatures.

A 202-liter hydrogen storage tank located underneath the vehicle and ahead of the rear wheels which is stored under the pressure of 700 bars. Kia Borrego FCEV achieves a top speed of 161 kph at the model acceleration time (from 0 to 100 kph) of 12.8 seconds. The vehicle with the weight of 2,250 kg has a range of around 690 km.