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New Kia cee´d to reduce fuel consumption with MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver and MICHELIN PRIMACY HP Tires


Michelin has been selected as sole supplier of the original equipment tires for Kia Motors’ new cee’d range. All of the model’s 15”, 16” and 17” sizes will be covered by two tire ranges, the MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver and the MICHELIN PRIMACY HP.

Introduced in 2008, the MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver reduces fuel consumption thereby lowering carbon emissions by 4 g/km. Moreover, it continues to offer all of a MICHELIN tire’s safety and longevity benefits. This tire performance trifecta is seamlessly aligned with the primary features of the new Kia cee’d, which offers superior highway handling while preserving the environment.

Michelin has long worked closely with the Korean car manufacturer, and when the first Kia cee’d was launched in 2006, it was already fitted exclusively with MICHELIN tires. Today, the model’s restyling has given the partnership new impetus, with the MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver replacing the third-generation MICHELIN ENERGY.

The MICHELIN ENERGY™ Saver and MICHELIN PRIMACY HP sidewalls are marked with the Green X label, Michelin’s signature logo indicating that they are highly fuel efficient tires. At the same time, they are capable of delivering the most powerful grip possible on wet pavements (to guarantee safety) and are extremely wear-resistant (for greater tread mileage).

The Kia cee’d’s distinctive new fittings are therefore part of the same family of tires that Michelin has marketed since 1992 – all recognizable by the “Green X” logo on their sidewalls. Since their launch, more than 11 billion liters of fuel have been saved and nearly 29 million tonnes of carbon emissions have been avoided worldwide thanks to these tires.

Through the joint development of the new MICHELIN-equipped Kia cee’d, Michelin and Kia have demonstrated their ability to design simple, affordable solutions to make automobiles safer, more economical and more environmentally sensitive.