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Kia Quoris flagship to set new standards for comfort and convenience


Large LCD information display delivers high-definition graphics
- Exceptionally spacious interior beneath large glass sunroof
- Premium Lexicon audio system and multi-media rear seat entertainment

When Kia’s all-new luxury Quoris flagship sedan goes on sale outside Korea later this year, it will premiere a range of comfort and convenience features that set new standards for automotive luxury and ease-of-use. Every Quoris driver will appreciate the remarkable clarity of the all-new 12.3-inch wide TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD cluster. The high-definition cluster features ‘two cylinder’ instrument design with precise graphics and delivers a wide range of information with immense clarity. The priorities, color and size of the display’s graphics can be personalized. For increased safety, Quoris will be equipped with a HUD (Head-up Display). This system presents a variety of information discretely in the driver’s sight line, enabling it to be assimilated without distracting from the road ahead. Necessary driver’s eye movement is minimized and Kia’s new system automatically adjusts the brightness of the display to suit local ambient light levels. The choice of information display includes current speed, local speed limit, navigation directions, blind spot detection, and Smart Cruise Control.

Additional night-time safety is provided by the AFLS (Adaptive Front Lighting System) – fitted as standard – that works in conjunction with the full LED headlights arranged in two square four-light clusters per headlight. The lower cluster provides the dipped-beam which automatically moves up/down, left/right, controlled by the AFLS which reacts to vehicle speed and steering angle. It delivers a continuously varying (and most appropriate) light pattern, including short-broad lighting (village & town mode), medium length/width lighting (common mode), up to long-thin lighting (high speed, over 110 kph). It also turns the lights to better illuminate bends.

Four cameras provide 360-degree view of car’s surroundings

For maximum convenience and safety, Quoris will be available with an Around-View Monitor System (AVMS). This employs four cameras to display a 360-degree image of the car’s location on the sat-nav screen – guaranteeing a feeling of calm well-being for driver and passengers. To assist Quoris drivers the new sedan is equipped with PGS (Parking Guide System). This uses a steering wheel angle sensor and a rear-view camera to show the predicted trajectory of the vehicle on the sat-nav monitor as an aid to parking. The system features automatic steering control by an on-board computer to safely perform parallel parking. The computer ‘takes over’ that task of steering, while the driver remains in control of the accelerator and brake. Remarkably space efficient, the small control for the EPB (Electric Parking Brake) is located near the gear selector and gives effortless activation and release of the brake. For safe driving at higher speeds, Quoris uses a radar-based safety system – Smart Cruise Control (SCC). This system adjusts the vehicle’s speed to maintain a pre-determined ‘safe’ distance from the vehicle ahead by applying the brakes to keep this gap constant – braking the car to a complete stop, if necessary.

Exceptionally spacious interior beneath large glass sunroof
As well as providing high-tech protection for its occupants, every Quoris will enable them to enjoy a sophisticated, refined and luxurious interior. Trimmed in NAPPA premium leather, both the front seats are powered, heated and ventilated. The driver’s seat features 16-way adjustment and memory settings for two users, while the passenger seat has 10-way adjustment. The regular rear seat has three-stage heating of the cushion and backrest, with manually adjustable lumbar support and a folding center armrest. The interior is exceptionally spacious, thanks in part to the long (3,045 mm) wheelbase and generous (1,490 mm) overall height. Front seat head and legroom (1,020 / 1,145 mm) match the segment best, while rear seat legroom (990 mm) is best-in-class. The cabin can be bathed in natural light as the large (910 x 480 mm) powered glass tilt‘n’slide sunroof is standard on all Quoris models. Trunk capacity is also generous – with 455 liters of capacity.

Premium Lexicon audio system and multi-media rear seat entertainment
The in-vehicle infotainment system available for Quoris is powered by the Intel Atom processor – making its first appearance in a Kia and jointly developed by the two companies. The touchscreen on the dashboard allows the driver to take advantage of state-of-the-art functions and services, while the backseat display supports a variety of video formats to entertain passengers. They can enjoy a rich multi-media with premium sound and formats such as MPEG1/2/4, WMV9, Divx4/5/6, Xvid and H264, plus excellent 3-D graphics – all displayed on dual 9.2-inch monitors mounted in the back of each front seat. The folding center armrest for the rear seats, incorporates a complete set of duplicate controls, including a jog-type center stick, for the multi-media system so that passengers can select their preferred choice of entertainment.

Quoris features a premium audio system from Lexicon by Harman, the renowned creator of truly concert-hall standards of sound reproduction. A 12-channel digital amplifier is mounted in the trunk, two speakers are fitted in each front door, three are fitted in each rear door, four are located in the dashboard center, with two surround-sound speakers and an inverted sub-woofer positioned in the rear parcel shelf, without intruding on trunk space. Every Quoris comes with a smart-key entry system that senses when the car’s key bearer approaches and automatically unlocks the vehicle. For maximum convenience the user does not have to touch the key, simply having it in a pocket or handbag will unlock the car – leavings their hands free for dealing with children or loading items of luggage.