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“Multi-S” - next generation concept vehicle


Kia Motors Corporation revealed its latest concept vehicle, the dramatic looking seven-seater Multi-S, at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 13, 2005. Conceived by Kia as a next generation CUV (crossover utility vehicle) the Multi-S is designed to cater to the needs of modern customers by blending the interlocking trends of crossover vehicles, MPVs and SUVs.

The ‘S’ in Multi-S stands for “Sporty, Spacious and Smart” and the 4,545 mm long concept car is intended to appeal to individual buyers seeking a car with ‘character’ and to families with children and an active lifestyle. Multi-S will have ‘best-in-class’ occupant protection systems, plus ESP (electronic stability program), MDPS (motor driven power steering), TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), AFS (adaptive front light system), full-length curtain airbags and ‘active’ head restraints.

Multi-S’s seven occupants are seated within a stylish body that has refined detailing, subtle curves that disguise its bulk, a unique and dynamic frontal appearance and a simple, uncluttered rear. Large diameter, 19-inch alloy wheels with low-profile 245/45 R19 tires give the vehicle a strong ‘on-road’ presence. Built on a 2,700 mm wheelbase, Multi-S measures 1,850 mm wide and 1,650 mm high to provide spacious accommodation.

Inside Multi-S, the design concept was aimed at creating maximum versatility and a living space with a composed and calming ambience. Features include a dual-panel glass roof to “allow the outside space to come inside,” a high-tech instrument panel and centre fascia, super-size center console, luggage box and overhead compartment for maximum storage, full second and third row air-conditioning, a premium surround-sound audio system and rear-rows entertainment system with USB port.

“Our latest concept vehicle, the Multi-S, shows how Kia is continuously striving to explore new areas and cater to the changing present and future needs of consumers. Design and engineering work on concept programs has helped us create a succession of new production models that are attractively styled, comfortably appointed, technically sophisticated and thoroughly modern,” said Mr. Yong-Hwan Kim, Senior Executive Vice President and COO of Kia Motors Corporation.

Although the display vehicle at Frankfurt is powered by a 2.7-liter V6 gasoline engine mated to a five-speed automatic transmission with Sport Mode, the Multi-S engine bay is also designed to accept a 2-liter turbo diesel engine and a choice of transmissions.

Kia’s Multi-S is intended to trigger public debate and generate feedback from consumers about their future motoring needs. At present, there are no production plans for the Multi-S.

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