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Training Course in Korea


Employees of Kia Motors Slovakia on the training course in Korea

On the evening of Saturday October 8, 56 employees of Kia Motors Slovakia flew from Prague for a training course in Korea. On Sunday noon; after about 11 hours of flying, the KMS team arrived at Seoul airport. After a short travel to the city centre, they checked into the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is one of the best hotels in Seoul.

The purpose of their stay in Korea was to expand their knowledge and develop their skills in their field of expertise. Our colleagues visited production facilities of Kia Motors Corporation and experienced the Korean culture. Their stay in Korea also included learning more about the Korean culture, history and traditions.

On Monday, October 10, the first day training program begun with a Common Entry Course at Kia Motors Corporation Headquarters. They received the latest information about Kia Motors, its progress and future plans. Within the presentation, a new vehicle (ED model); which will be produced at our factory, was presented. From Tuesday on a rich program followed. After the common program, individual trainings were held for the trainees. All the participants worked at departments according to their work specification. KMS’ Production Department employees participated in a practical program a factory locations designed to give them hands-on experience regarding their jobs.