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Kia volunteers back in action


• Kia Motors Slovakia employees planted more than 1,000 trees in the Rybna Valley near Zilina
• The plant continues in its volunteering tradition in cooperation with organizations in the Zilina region

On Saturday, April 18, 2015, Kia Motors Slovakia, in cooperation with a state owned LESY (Forests) of the Slovak Republic in Zilina, organized tree planting in the village of Rajecka Lesna. Eighty volunteers of the Zilina plant along with their family members planted over 1,000 trees in the Rybna Valley. Environmental instructors of the state establishment prepared a quiz on nature and games for children. Members of the Zilina Regional Directorate of the Police Forces also supported the event with participation. Kia Motors Slovakia organizes volunteering activities that employees can take part in on monthly basis. In April, the plant will engage in a big project in Zilina in cooperation with the Zilina Self-Governing Region named “ All Hands on Deck“ that will aim to clean the Zilina water dam.

The Vicepresident of the Administartion group, Mr. Seong-Gyu Lee, participated in the tree planting in the Rybna Valley and said: “I am very glad that volunteering is very popular among our employees. Our employees currently assist in 17 organizations in the Zilina region. Partaking in philanthropic activities and organizing our own volunteering makes up an important part of the company strategy that have naturally resulted from the 10-year presence in the Zilina region.“

The tree planting in Rajecka Lesna represents only one of the many volunteering activities organized by Kia Motors Slovakia this year. In the past 4 months, over 100 employees have helped in animal shelters, painting of interiors and exteriors at nonprofit organizations, or going on trips with senior clients of retirement homes. Volunteering in the Zilina region organized by Kia Motors Slovakia has its tradition and history ever since 2007. Over 2,000 employees have participated in philantropic activities up until now.

On top of that, Kia employees will be able to be part of the cleaning of Lesopark Chrast – a huge park located in the woods in Zilina – on the occasion of Earth Day. In 2015, employees of Kia Motors Slovakia will partake in the biggest Slovak volunteering event named “ Our City“ .