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The 3-month training in Korea was successful


On November 17, 8 employees of Kia Motors Slovakia came back from a 3-month intensive course in Korea.

On November 17, 8 employees of Kia Motors Slovakia came back from a 3-month intensive course in Korea. The main aim of their stay in Korea was to gain expertise that will be used in the production process in terms of their field of working. On this occasion, we asked them about their impressions and experience brought from Korea.

Jan Taliga
Manager of the Assembly shop

During my stay in Korea I was given a chance to recognize the unique Korean culture, traditions and meet very helpful and careful people. My training was mainly focused on the assembly and disassembly of a vehicle. This was of great importance for me, because I am responsible for the production in our assembly shop. I was mainly collecting information about the structure, parts and assembly of a new ED model that is going to be produced in our plant. The direct training in the production plant’s assembly line was also very useful for me. 

Milan Makuch
Assistant Manager of the Paint shop

The target of my training in Korea was to acquire the expertise in painting engineering. Under the supervision of experienced specialists and managers; I participated in the trial production of a new UN model, the successor of Carens. All the colleagues from KMS TFT (Task Force Team) and paint shops I have visited were very friendly and ready to share their know-how. I wish I could welcome my Korean hosts in Slovakia sometimes in the future and show them the best paint shop within KMC.

Roman Kralovansky
Assistant Manager of the Maintenance

The training in Korea was very useful for my future work and life. I had an opportunity to see production plants and operations of the maintenance department. In addition, I got to know the vehicle’s structure and its production technology better. During three months period, I got to know Korea as an economically developed country. I met many new colleagues, who were very willing to help and explain everything to me. I will have only the best memories of Korea and I believe I will utilize at KMS everything I have learned there.

Marian Medvecky
Assistant Manager of the Production Management

The training in Korea has brought me new information and much personal experience. I have learned a lot about the car structure and its assembly. I was also trained in the field of the production management and material control. Furthermore, we had an opportunity to see many cultural places in Korea. We saw very rich and old history of this country and many traditional habits were introduced to us. We could see how the new and dynamic Korea develops with hope that this will happen in Slovakia too.

Pavel Lenjik
Assistant Manager of the Quality

I gained the large amounts of information about the working process and equipment used in the process of quality assurance. Information about the general production process, structure and workflow was also very important for me. I had an opportunity to meet and co-operate with many Korean colleagues, whether blue-collar employees or engineers and managers. I was pleasantly surprised by their helpfulness and good-will in every situation. I learned a lot about their culture, lifestyle and I believe that this will help me to understand their mentality better.

Branislav Imre
Specialist of the Engine shop

This training provided me with many opportunities to obtain a closer view on the car industry, life and culture in Korea. I visited many places such as temples, traditional Korean villages and markets. Most of the time I spent at the Hwasung Engine plant nearby Suwon. The instructors provided me with lots of useful information. I spent my free time during weekends in Seoul. I have formed long-term friendships with many Korean people. All the people are really friendly and willing to help. I enjoyed my stay in Korea very much.

Michal Vozak
Specialist of the Assembly shop

For me, it was a great time spent studying more details about the assembly shop facilities and all the car manufacturing processes. For instance, one week spent at the Seosan factory, where Kia Picanto is produced, was very interesting for all of us, because we could try to work directly on the assembly line in the real mass production. I can evaluate my education course in Korea as successful, because I have gained large amount of new information about the car manufacturing process. I believe I will be able to apply them in the KMS project.

Peter Tomly
Specialist of the Body shop

From the professional point of view, I had an opportunity to meet many skilled and experienced engineers. They explained me some details about welding methods and technology, safety facilities, important quality issues, ways how to check & control the quality and much more. Their attitude and personal values were interesting and motivating for me. The time I spent in Korea was amazing and I am looking forward to new challenges that my work will bring to me.